Are You in Tune with What Your Body is Asking?


I had a few years where I had these feelings or cravings and never actually knew what they meant. It wasn’t till I started taking the time to get still and doing a quick once over body scan to see what my body was asking of me. Honestly the easiest way to get in tune with your body is to just listen. When you get that sudden desire for a workout, a glass of water, a green smoothie, chances are that’s what your body needs.

I was really in tune with my body this summer and as I really felt I needed a reset. When the events of life started to take over, I lost touch. Next thing I noticed, I had a sore throat and some congestion starting. I knew instantly I had lost touch. I took a few minutes to do a scan today and my body was screaming for more water intake, a green smoothie and some movement in my body. So today I am pressing reset and honouring the request.

So what is YOUR body asking of you?

More water intake. There are so many people who don’t drink enough water yet their body is screaming! Water is the key to flushing out everything in your body. This boosts your immune system, your skin and joint function. Drinking water provides energy and increases our performance. Drinking more water helps with mood, weight loss and prevents headaches. Recommended intake is half your body weight in oz. Adding essential oils to your water can help intensify benefits and adds a great taste!

Movement & Exercise. Everyone feels this need to get up and move, but quickly our motivation creeps in and has something to say about actually getting into action. Movement can mean so many things. Physically working out, going for a walk, even just going up and down your stairs once or twice. I feel my body calling me to increase movement while I am working. So I am looking at getting a standup desk. Its important to keep your body in flow and get everything pumping.

A Detox. With season changes a lot of people shift into needing a week to detox. This could mean a full body detox or food elimination. This could be a period of fasting. A detox does not always have to be of the body either. Maybe its putting boundaries on Internet time, or taking a day or two to purge unused/needed items in your home. This could be as simple as a 30 minute detox bath. You will find that the physical body, emotional states and physical surroundings are all connected. When you start a detox in one area if often overflows and requires us to examine the other areas too.

Increase in Greens. I thought this one was crazy yet I was always thinking about green smoothies. I could not find a smoothie that I found actually tasty until I actually started getting my blender out and trying new things. Now my body craves green smoothies. Sometimes I find myself seeking out pressed juices or kombucha. I also clean up a tray of veggies and make sure I am eating more salads and steamed veggies.

To Reestablish Routine. With back to school headed our way my body is craving routine again. I find myself looking to meal prep again and hunt for those fall flavours! The summer can take us out of routine and with that our body can start to react. Maybe you want to start a routine, a skin care morning routine, a turn down nighttime routine. You could start a journaling and meditation routine, a food prep/planning routine or even simple using a planner to map out your months ahead. It only takes 21 days to build a habit and your body will thank you for it, I promise.

Take a few minutes today and ask yourself what you really need, then honour it.

Amanda Payne