Do you feel like fear closes the door on who you're really here to be?

Do you feel like there is this lion inside you that wants to roar, but you are afraid of letting go and letting that roar out?

Honestly over the past few years that lion has been scratching at me from the inside. I felt this deep down desire that I was being called to something bigger, something greater then the day to day of my life. I was being called to be the next level of myself that I knew I could be. I wasn’t happy with my job, I wasn’t happy with my level of connection as a mother and a wife. I wasn’t eating right and I wasn’t moving my body every day. I knew the things that I wanted to change in my life, but I was so stalled by the fear that was inside me.

Far too often as women we push our own desires off the table because we feel like we need to be there for the kids, our spouse, family and friends. But if we are not showing up as the best version of ourselves, are we really even showing up at all? When you get that small glimpse of wanting more, of being better, or breaking free, that window can be so small to see through. Fear sets into our lives and this inner dialogue starts to take over in our mind; the “what if’s?” and the lies that keep telling us “we aren’t good enough”. The “why bother’s?” and the “will they even notice?” The fear starts to drown out the passion and vision and day by day we let it control us. We don’t make changes, we don’t get brave, and we don’t live free.

What if I told you there was a way to break free and all it requires is for you to get still, trust and move into action.

Getting still and taking 5 minutes could change your life. Take the time to tell yourself all the positive things that your mind has been so negative about. What’s amazing is that the human brain just has to be trained. If you train it long enough it will eventually understand and act in accordance to that training. If you keep telling yourself a negative thought, change it into the positive. Your mind won’t believe it, but if you keep telling it everyday eventually your thought will change and your actions will also change. Let me give you an example. I really struggled with working out. My body was crying for it by my mind was telling me “your too tired, you never actually stick with it, you aren’t strong enough”. So I changed my thinking. I chose to tell myself that I am worth it and I owe it to myself to be the best version of myself that I can be. I replaced the negative thoughts with “I have energy, I am committed daily, I am strong”. I have this written out on sticky notes where I can read it all the time. I have reminders set on my phone every few hours that pop up with these affirmations. I say it over and over again to myself. I felt crazy the first few days but eventually it became a vibe that would get me ready and pumped to work out.

Trust and surrendering the outcome, the limiting beliefs and the fear will move you forward in anything you want to do. When you truly believe that something far greater then you has your back, you will always be guided to the greatest outcome. A simple prayer before you walk through the fear will give you the courage to act. Believe me, this seems like the easiest thing to do but trusting that you are meant to be greater can be hard. That’s where you have to surrender the self-talk and prepare to take action.

Now you can speak to your mind and speak to your heart all you want but if your goal is to workout daily, sitting on the couch and thinking your body will just jump up and go will not happen. Fear only actually lasts for 2-3 seconds. Yet we dwell on the feeling of what that fear may feel like for days, or months, or years leading up to the actual event. We need to get out of that headspace and step out into action. Put your running shoes on and get moving. Motivation will never lead you to action. Action will lead you to having the motivation.

I have used this in all areas of my life. I am not the person I was a year ago. I recognized that I am worth it to show up for myself and be the best version of me that I can possibly be. Each month I pick a focus area and I act regardless of the fear. I almost crave the feeling I know I get when I overcome the fear and show it whose boss. I use this in my business, as a mother, as a spouse. I get still, trust my gut, know that God has my back and I act. This year alone, I quite my job to follow my passion in my business, I cleared up my lack of self confidence as a mother and wife, I launched a website and rebranded my vision, I got myself into a workout routine, and I got into a routine of nourishing my body with whole foods and supplements. These are just the first things that come to mind.

I do have days where I stumble and the fear starts to knock at my door but chances are I got caught up in the action that I forgot to stop and get still again. I forgot to continue to train my thinking and surrender the outcome. I will never settle for fear. I will always step up to the plate and be ready to be the best version of myself. That best version is the only way I can really be of value and service to others and be the women I am called to be.

Amanda Payne