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Walking out an unconventional life can look different for everyone who chooses to walk in faith and trust that they are here for something greater. We want to walk alongside families and individuals who feel that gut pull to step into action and walk out their own unconventional lifestyle. Our passion is to show other families the possibliltys of the legacy they can leave behind. We are not speaking on just finacial legacy, but of the impact of the ripple you make in the things you create and share with the world. 

Building a pipeline is the first step in achieving time and financial freedom. When we found doTERRA we finally felt like it was the answer we were looking for. The connections we have made in leading a team have changed our lives forever. To see the visions our team has for their own lives are exactly why we stepped into leadership. We want to inspire people to dream big and step outside their comfort zone. 

Our team is made up of people of all ages who are passionate about natural health and bringing tools to support families. First and foremost we are users of the products in each and every one of our homes. These leaders have experience the power of Essential Oils and could not help but share with the people around them. With the simple act of sharing and educating these leaders started to build their pipeline. Along side full time jobs, kids, responsibilities of a home and other obligations we all started slow and with the time we had. Their vision drives them knowing that one day they too can be financially free and with a schedule they themselves create. Not only are all the leaders on our team walking out their own vision but we are all committed so supporting and helping each other grown.

When you join our tribe:

We give our team a very specific blueprint to create a duplicatable business.

We hold monthly leadership calls when enrolled directly with us.

We offer bi-weekly or monthly video mentor sessions. These 1:1 calls allow us to help support you in specific areas of your business.

Our team collaborates on projects and tools to share and inspire others on our team.

We attend regional training and events together.

We attend the yearly Global Convention together in Salt Lake City, UT.

We celebrate as a team with events, recognition and business blitz days.

& so much more....

For more information on building your dream business please visit the “Contact Us” section of our website and enter in your information along with any questions you may have.