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Every MLM Company has a ranking system. A system where each level or rank you hit is paid out at an average monthly amount. Every company is different and every title is different. Most people put a goal in place to hit a rank and sometimes those ranks represent an opportunity. If you hit this goal, you could cover your monthly orders you personally place, if you hit a higher goal maybe that’s when you can cut down to part-time at work, or even leave your job altogether. Every goal you set and every rank you earn has the ability to open more possibility and more doors in your life.

Over the past 9 months, Chris and I have been building this beautiful business and hitting higher ranks as the months go on. In July, Chris and I achieved Silver. Now to a lot of people you will have no idea what that means. And to really be honest that’s not what this blog is about. I have never done a reflection on my path to where I am today till I was challenged to do so. Let me tell you, it opened my eyes to how far we have come. I never knew how much a network marketing company could change me. Our path was not easy, seemed like 2 steps forward 5 steps back. But what those showed me is that rank in a company means absolutely nothing if the mindset and internal personal development don’t happen. To me, the reward came in the journey of my path to silver.

Looking back this started as a fun way to make money on the side of my fulltime nursing job. As my life started to fall into alignment with Gods plan, I could finally see that every step I have taken to this point was just a piece of a massive puzzle. I began to get the core foundations built in my business but found myself hitting a wall 9 months in. My core values and beliefs started to show up more and more and I realized I had some serious self-development to do. Little did I know this “side job” would be the vehicle to help me discover the true purpose and vision God has me set out to fulfil. I had a lot of areas I knew I was resisting in my personal life that required an upgrade in order to reach Silver with ease. I knew I had to get to my knees and surrender to the personal lessons and adjustments my heart was calling me to make.

I had to get honest with myself:

  1. I was not taking the Life Long Vitality Supplements and was not rooted into a daily oil/supplement routine. My body was craving whole foods, nutrients and minerals. I did Ange Peters 30 day cleanse then actually felt I needed to extend it a full 30 more days to feel the healing in my body. I had no idea this small routine is what my body needed and would lay a foundation of daily routines for my life. Something as simple as taking vitamins showed me my life was lacking routines in so many areas.
  2. I needed to become more clear on my “why” and what I was meant to do in this world. I had such a small view of just wanting to be time and financially free, along with being in leadership. I got still and spent a good week really breaking down what Chris and I are here to do. We got clear and launched a personal website built around what we are here to do. Our Unconventional Life is a platform to show so many people what LIFE is really meant to look like. That CONNECTION with intention is so lacking in our world today. That if we walk out our life we can INSPIRE people to do the same. We want to show people it is safe to be pioneers of change.
  3. I had some personal self-confidence issues that had been stirring up inside me that needed to be addressed.  I took a day to sit in a park and journal and meditate and read through the book “The Universe has your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein and cleared some of the greatest self-confidence issues around being a mother and also personal forgiveness. This was a huge step in surrendering and although my ego tries to bring these issues up still, I am able to walk in faith and stand firm and confident in who I am as a woman and child of God.
  4. That same day I knew I needed to quit my job as a nurse. I had this deep feeling and it was what I knew I had to do, but I was soooooo scared and lacked trust. I finally surrendered to the feeling and quit on the 7th of July. THE DOORS BLEW OPEN and growth in our business took place. Our website was launched and my leaders started seeing growth in themselves. I resisted what I always thought the standard should be – go to school, get a good job, work your way up the ladder. My resistance came from the fear of what others would think of me. Finally, I became grounded in the fact that I only care what God thinks of me and I was not walking out the vision and purpose he has for my life by staying at the job I was in.
  5. We have a steady number of people in our business continuing to build their own businesses. I was always trying to lead and build others up. I know helping others is important but I realized I needed to step out of the way to let my leaders shine. I had to give up MY way of doing things and step back! This was really hard for me, as their style is different from mine. When I stepped back, they grew! I really had to leave space for growth to happen. I needed to stop hand-holding and taking the idea on that they NEEDED me.
  6. I envisioned silver right in the palm of my hand, not out of reach but fingers closed right there. I knew that I needed to do it and couldn’t wait on anyone to do it for me. I took my own personal action in my business and got in taking ownership of my business.

I am already so excited for the next rank and it’s not for the title!

I already know the areas I feel coming up in my life to “upgrade” for the next step and I’m so excited to get going on those upgrades. I learned about fear and resistance and I know the feeling now of what it’s like to overcome it and to feel how amazing it is to upgrade. I long for the feeling of who I am at my next level, not a rank title. If you’re stuck, you have to get still and get clear on what you’re resisting and what action is calling you. I can’t explain the feeling of how amazing my LIFE gets every time I make these personal upgrades and walk through fear (the extra pay in my bank account is just a bonus).