Launch Business Guide

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The Foundations to elite

This Launch Guide is your map to achieving Elite, the foundation of all ranks in doTERRA. Your success is up to you. Trust the process to experience success. 

#1.  Print off the LAUNCH guide here and start to read over its content. 

#2. Book your first mentorship call. We usually connect over ZOOM so make sure you have that downloaded before your call starts. Simply email me ( to book your call. Click here to download zoom for free. As you come across questions, write them down and bring them to our scheduled meeting. 

#3. Start to work your way through the guide. Do not skip ahead, go page by page and make a plan. Understanding this process and following PIPES will be how you duplicate and show other builders how to walk out building to Elite also. 

#4. Print off these tools to support your success. 

#5. You will also want to set up Direct Deposit sooner then later. To do so click here.

#6. If you would feel more supported having myself come out and teach your first 2 classes for you, we can discuss this in our mentorship calls. This allows you to see how one class is taught, then the second class we will co-teach together. 

#7. Last, Empowered You Training must be completed to move forward mentor calls and mentorship. 

What is Empowered You

doTERRA Empowered You is a personal development program designed to help you learn, love, and live your strengths every single day. As you recognize and use your strengths consistently you will unlock incredible potential in yourself. This will play out in all areas of your life, from your view of yourself, your relationships with others, to your growing doTERRA business. 

What are “strengths”?

Your strengths are your natural patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling. The CliftonStrengths assessment is a test that identifies your top strengths from a list of 34 unique natural talents. Once you know what you naturally do best and most easily, you can start learning how to develop and use those talents.

Why does it matter?

People who use their strengths every day are more productive, and more engaged in their work. They are six times more likely to be engaged at work, in fact. But beyond the workplace, individuals who use their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life than individuals who do not. 

As a Wellness Advocate, you will find the most success when you use your strengths and focus on the things you naturally do well. Be you and do things your own way, rather than trying to replicate someone else. doTERRA is committed to helping you embrace your strengths because when you do the results are powerful.

First - Complete the StrengthFinders Test here to find your top 5 strengths then print off your assessments. There is a fee to complete the test online that will take you about 30 minutes to complete. These questions are simple multiple choice questions. 

Second - Click here to learn more about your individual strengths and how you can use them to reach your goals with doTERRA.