Step 1 - The Live Guide

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First thing is first...

More then anything we want you to be so passionate about your oils and products that you just want to turn around and serve the world with what you have come to know. Your business will only grow when your focus is serving others and bringing oils into more homes. If you are fuelled by financial drive only, you will struggle in this business. We like to think that this business is about serving others and the commissions is just the bonus. 

#1 - Print off the LIVE guide here and start to dive deep into your oils, start using them and develop a daily routine and habits to support your lifestyle. Create a 3 month plan for your health and start to think about the oils and supplements that will fall into your plan. Use the guide and the sheets at the back to help you create this plan based on your health goals. Once you have created your 90 day plan send it to your upline (the BUILDER who enrolled you) via email. 

#2 - In order to receive commissions from building your business you will need to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program and maintain an order of 100PV processed each month. To learn more about the LRP program click here. To learn how to place an LRP for the next month click here. *Remember that your cart must always have 100PV in it at all times. You can change the items at anytime but if it dips below 100PV you will not receive your commissions for that week. 

Once you have completed #1 and #2, head back to STEP 2 - The Share Guide.