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           My story begins from really an upbringing of go to school, get a good job, get married, have kids and do everything in your power to raise them with upstanding values and to allow them all the opportunities the world can offer them. So that’s what I did. I got married in 2009, had my first child in 2012, graduated nursing in 2013, had my second child in 2015 then continued working up the ladder to a bigger, better, higher paying career in nursing. On the outside I felt like I was doing everything right, but on the inside I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t enough, always striving for the next goal, never feeling satisfied with what I had. I lacked connection with my husband and kids, passion in my workplace and this deep feeling that I meant for something so much greater than the rut I felt like I was stuck in. I would get up, get the kids ready, head to work, come home, make dinner, get the kids to bed and try to stay awake long enough to watch tv before crashing off to bed myself all to know I would have to get up and do it all over again the next day. My brain was stressed, my heart was empty, my energy was depleted, my emotions were broken and my time was full of things that didn’t matter.

              In March 2015 I was introduced to doTERRA and the natural lifestyle that would change my life. I jumped on getting a kit and slowly changed over every aspect of my life in regards to living a more healthier and natural lifestyle. My cleaning products, my food, my exercise, my sleep, one by one starting to work for me and not against me. In November 2015 I felt like it was time to step into action and to pursue doTERRA as a business. I told God I was all in yet still struggled to realize what that really meant. As the months went on we could feel God moving in our lives making the path a little more clear a month at a time. I struggled with confidence and feeling like this was something that could actually be attainable for me and feared with others would think. So many times I found myself on my knees asking God to help me move through fear and to help me step into the women I know that I am here to be on this Earth. God showed up every time and has continued to help me grown to understand that I am enough and that a life of perfection is unattainable. So many times I felt like if it wasn’t done perfectly then why start at all. I missed so many opportunities in my life had I just stepped out in faith and followed the deep calling I know I had in my heart.

            In May 2017 I was offered a position at my job that would put me at the next step on the ladder in my nursing career. I was beyond ecstatic and excited to jump into this new learning experience. Little did I know, God had different plans for me. I could feel like this gut pull to not only walk away from taking this new position but to walk away from my nursing career altogether. I struggled and fought God every chance that I could get. The problem is that no matter how much I resisted the feeling never left. It was through hours of stillness, prayer and surenderence that I followed Gods calling and quit my job to walk the vision that He has for my family and myself. My fear of the unknown always creeps into my mind which is why surrendering is a daily action in my life. I am called to an unconventional life and through I may not have the financial freedom today, I have the time freedom. I can be present with my kids, build a beautiful business and mentor others who feel called to steeping out of fear and walking forward in faith. God has called each and everyone one of us to a purpose, the question is will you resist the calling and continue in the rut of life or will you surrender and step into faith and walk out this beautiful life of connection, passion and adventure that will make an impact.


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              For those of you who don’t know me, I’m married to my best friend, my biggest supporter and encourager. She is the mother of our two amazing children, a true gift from God. We have come from different backgrounds, and it makes for a powerful dynamic relationship.

             I grew up the youngest in my household. I have two older sisters raised by a single mom, I was the only male in the house, and it was hard. As you can imagine, this had a lasting affect on my outlook on life, and helped shape my purpose. My mom worked many different jobs when I was young, she didn’t work when my father was in the picture, so that had to change. She did what she had to do to provide the best life she could for us. There is no way that a single parent can provide all the attention and support 3 children need, and work full-time. We missed out on great family memories that a lot of people take for granted; we never really had family vacations, or even small day trips, because my mom never had her driver’s license… (and still doesn’t). I always had the feeling of missing out. I remember when I was in grade 4 my class was going to talk in front of the whole school and all the parents during a play about the winter Olympics. I remember I got to say 3 or 4 lines about the bobsleigh event. I was nervous. I never talked in front of that many people before. Then the time came and I stepped up to the mic and I looked out into the crowd, my mom wasn’t there. I wasn’t surprised by it. I know she would be at work. Yet something just didn’t feel right. Not sure if it was my friend Barry’s Dad with this huge old video recorder capturing the whole thing or me just wanting to connect with her face to calm my nerves, but I wished she was there to see me. All the way through high school, my mom didn’t make it out to any of my football games, or rugby matches. This was how it was for us growing up, Mom worked to provide for our family, and other areas in our life got neglected because of it. It can be tough for a kid to learn these lessons but I tried my best to work with what I had.

               As I grew into adulthood life shifted. I started so seek out father figures and role models. I felt I needed some structure in my life, some direction something to aspire to. I knew I wanted a better life for my family. I knew I wanted to be the father that I needed when I was young. I knew I wanted to be the husband that the mother of my children would need in the years to come. It wasn’t easy to find my path. I went through a dark time surrounded with misguided peers, and headed in the wrong direction. I soon felt I needed a change. I started to seek guidance from the older men that I worked with. I developed a deeper relationship with my grandfather, who has always been a man of faith, and the only reliable male role model in my life. He would often share bible passages with me, encourage me to go to church with them, and help to guide me to the good book. And in the bible is where I would find comfort and connection to something bigger. “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5. This verse has always resonated with me, and started a change within me that was not of my own making.

              It’s hard for a boy to grow into a man without a father to lead and instruct along the way. Struggling through my path into adulthood, I have come to realize the importance of being present with your children, and also your spouse. I understand how today’s society there are countless distractions that demand our time. They even seem to be important, and well intended. People are working longer and longer hours, and even longer into their lives and pushing off retirement. Enough is enough its time to take hold of our lives and to get intentional. Find a path that can get you to where you truly want to be. Have the opportunity to see the world through their young fresh eyes. Pour love into your family. Truly connect and inspire them. They need you. Gentlemen, there is a known link between fatherless children, and criminal activity. With the political climate of our time, it is more important than ever to be hands on with our children. So come mentor with us, and find out how you can plug back into your family.