Welcome to one of our greatest passions – a life of ADVENTURE.

Too many times our financial restrains or time restraints get in the way of us getting out and living our lives to the fullest. As we continue to step into our unconventional lifestyle more and more of these things will become a reality for us. The world is full of new places and the ability to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. We want to not only teach our children that it is important to keep growing and to immerse ourselves in new places but that sometimes we have to step through fear of trying something new.


We believe that in living a life of adventure, our family can grow deeper in intentional connection that will pave the way for us to be able to impact and inspire the world. Join us on our journey of Our Unconventional Life – The Ongoing Bucket List. The items we add to our list are either things that one or neither of us has ever done before. Adventure doesn’t always mean traveling to a physical place which is why we have also included some life goals on here that we will accomplish as we get closer to time and financial freedom. As we complete things off our list we hope to blog about our adventures and inspire you to step into a life of adventure and try something new; maybe even something that scares you!

Live the Adventure – Explore the World & Try Something New

Wanna follow along as we cross things off our bucket list?