Step 2 - The Share Guide

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Your ready to share…

Now that you have established a routine for your daily use of oils you probably have started to share with your friends and family the effects they are having on your life. When you start to see the benefits you immediately start to think of others who have the same issues or people who are looking for solutions for their pain points. This is where sharing comes in. You have a tool that you love and you simply just want to share it with someone else. You will find that sharing comes so naturally, just like recommending a great restaurant you ate at or services you really enjoyed. Hosting classes or meeting people 1 on 1 for coffee will be your best options for sharing doTERRA. It is important to share what is authentic to you. You do not need to know about every single oil or about the chemistry and makeup of each oil. People want simple tools to relate to. You can have an effective class with sharing a story about 3 oils. Work with your upline and invite them to teach your first class for you to see the layout and structure of a class. 

#1 - Print off the SHARE guide here and start to read over its content. 

#2 - Understand why you want to share doTERRA. 

#3 - Start creating a list of people you know who would be interested in attending an educational class on oils. Decided if it would be best to bring them to a class or meet them 1:1. Online classes and Skype/zoom chats are also great ways to connect with family and friends who do not live in your area. 

#4 - Start to INVITE people to your events and follow the SHARE, INVITE, REMIND format. Remember that mass Facebook messages or just adding people to a Facebook group will most likely lower your numbers of people who are excited to say yes. Remember to personalize your message. Don't be afraid to talk to the person face to face or CALL them on the phone. 

#5 - Remember to share in your day to day life. Share you story, your experience with oils. Share a sample and share online on Facebook and Instagram. 

#6 - Sampling with success can be super easy. Making sure you carry some basic samples with you will make for a great way for your friends and family to experience the oils before they attend a class. doTERRA will soon have all your sample tools available to purchaus but ordering drams and rollers online is a great way to get started. Check out websites like Amazon, or ( for Canada).

#7 - There are lots of tools to help you host your first class. Our biggest tip is to grab yourself a "CLASS IN A BOX". These are available in both Canada and the US. This will have everything you need for a successful class. Check out what is included here. These can be purchased through your back office. 

#8 - Sharing is rewarding! You can simply share with friend and family but there is also a financial bonus to doing this. You may not want to build a business and simply just want to get your oils for free.  Buy as you continue to empower others with natural solutions, you empower yourself. Should you choose to take the financial benefits over time, you'll earn your products for free, build your own financial pipeline, and create income! 

If discovering deeper what this looks like as a business, go back to step 3 - The BUILD guide and review with your upline.