ROCKING VIBE - (Days For Girls)

ROCKING VIBE has created the CHARITY bracelet in support of the DAYS FOR GIRLS movement. The string of pearls in CHARITY represents the resource that connects us all – water. A pennant made of the most plentiful rock formation found on Earth – crystal quarts – reminds the wearer how some resources are found in excess while others are not. Finally, a red feather accent represents DAYS FOR GIRLS mission to never let a period hold a woman or girl back again. This feather references the contribution made by the wearer in helping women worldwide find their freedom to soar.
Elegant and powerful. $35 with all proceeds going to the cause.

Please note Tax and $5 shipping will be added for total.


Our Unconventional Life Essential Oil Bracelets - For Men & Women

We have partnered with EleSense from London, Ontario to create an exclusive essential oil bracelet for us! They will be donating 50% of the proceeds from EACH bracelet sold to support our non-for profit partnership with Days for Girls and Choice Humanitarian. Each bracelet comes with a beautiful Eucalyptus/Lemon blend to apply to the custom handmade STONE. A beautiful piece to add to any essential oil lovers collection while donating 50% to two incredible causes.

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Live. Connect. Inspire.

LiveStream Events

We have created 3 separate LiveStream events JAM PACKED with value to support and empower you in building your doTERRA business. These speakers range from Gold to Presidential Diamonds.

Each event is $20 (CAN, Taxes included) or attend all 3 LiveStreams for $45 (CAN, Taxes included). This saves you money, allows you to hear from all 9 speakers AND regardless of which option you choose 100% is donated to Days for Girls projects.

Digital Download now available!