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Are you a hard working, loving family yet the conventional life just isn’t working for you?

Are you craving more adventure, a life outside the norm and a deeper connection to how you’re really here to impact and inspire the world?


Ready for Adventure!


We are so excited to take you along on our adventure for 2018 & 2019! 

Our family will be selling everything and starting a new chapter of our life as a Global Travelling Family with 3 words to live by; Live. Connect. Inspire.

With our passion to serve we have paired with incredible organizations for the next year of travel.

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Take a moment and get to know us! We grew up in very different backgrounds but God brought us together for a reason. Chris is a Construction Supervisor and Amanda is a nurse. Together we are blessed to have 2 of the most beautiful children. We are building a life through our love of natural health and essential oils to show the world that living an unconventional life can be one of the most rewarding deepening lifestyles.



Welcome to one of our greatest passions – a life of ADVENTURE. Too many times our financial or time restraints get in the way of us getting out and living our lives to the fullest. As we continue to step into our unconventional lifestyle more and more of these things will become a reality for us and we're really excited to share them with you!



In order to deepen our connections in life we need to be present and constantly striving to be intentional. Follow us as we explore deeper into how to have an intentional connection with ourselves in faith & lifestyle along with deeper connections with our spouses and children.



Building a pipeline is the first step in achieving time and financial freedom. When we found doTERRA we finally felt like it was the answer we were looking for. The connections we have made in leading a team have changed our lives forever. To see the visions our team has for their own lives are exactly why we stepped into leadership. We want to inspire people to dream big and step outside their comfort zone.



Discover how Essential Oils can transform the way you manage your health. These natural chemical compounds are life changing.

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Want to learn more about Essential Oils? Check out our education and ebooks! Learn what your oils can do for your body in a safe, natural & effective way!


Our Live. Connect. Inspire. Tribe offers training and eduction to get your doTERRA business off the ground. Our vision is to see every one of our leaders shine in their brightest light and following their own path to freedom. 


Quick, easy DIY projects that will take your life to a high vibe state! Learning how to integrade your oils into your everyday life is what we are all about!